Welcome to Top 100 Martial Arts!
We are committed to listing the top one hundred martial arts schools in the country based on the criteria we have deemed most important via crowdsourcing. If you think your school could be one of the Top 100 read the criteria you need to read the below criteria and apply! If You have any questions, reach out and contact us!

Community Impact

The first and most important criteria we look at for prospective candidates is their impact on their community. How does the school give back? What charitable things does the school do? How are they helping their community?

Owner Application

The next criteria that gets reviewed is the owner submitted application. All prospective candidates must complete this in order to give us the best idea about your school, your instructors, and your students.

Online Presence

It's 2016 - in order to become one of the Top 100 Martial Arts schools you can't be living in the past. Do you have a modern website? Is your website updated regularly? Do you have social media pages that engage users?

Overall Online Reviews

The customer's online opinion can make or break a school these days. Reviews are critically important. What do your students/customers think of your school and the instruction that they receive there?

The Top 100 Martial Arts Schools: